People ask us all the time, how did you get into recruiting? The truth is, no one sets out to become a recruiter (at least no one we know!) it just falls into place that way. None of us come from a traditional agency recruiting background. We hail from careers in technology, law, customer service, professional athletics, and finance, among others. What we all share is a love for connecting people with opportunity. When you are genuinely curious about people, recruiting finds you.

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Founding Partner

Ellen has over 10 years of experience recruiting talent for SAAS startups and technology agencies of varying sizes. Her favorite moments are when candidates text months after starting their new job to share how much they love it. Or when a client says they can't imagine not having the person we placed on their staff. Those moments make the hard work completely worth it.

Through Curious, Ellen aims to foster a vibrant tech and creative community in the Raleigh-Durham region, where culture, innovation, and diversity are celebrated and abundant. 

Ellen is a mother, wife, and Elon University alumna. She lives in Raleigh, NC and loves wine, food, gardening, camping, and world travel.

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